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Walls, castles and other architecture as a symbol for safety.

No PC is as Safe as a Castle

With the current issue of SFT (I bought it because “Short Circuit” was included) came a small booklet. In corporation with Focus Money and Chip, it was informing its readers how chip cards from ReinerSCT make online banking, surfing and shopping more secure by the use of chip cards. On page 8 I found the [...]

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Security Most Essential

At first they erected the Firewalls. Their bricks were so perfectly rounded and their surface was so perfectly repetitive that one never could be sure if those walls really were constructed of 14 brick stones or if they were prefabricated in one piece. Each of the Firewalls came with a vibrant globe attached to its [...]

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Tower by Everaldo Coelho

At Iconfinder I found a nice tower icon by Everaldo Coelho. A real cutie. The tower icon is a masterpiece in simplification and exaggeration of forms at the same time. I will use its universality as browser and iPhone icon for the blog of the Defence Project. P.S. Thanks Everaldo for making it available with [...]

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An Inflatable Castle is Always a Good Start

Introduction to the Defense Project by means of an ad from Deutsche Telekom.

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