Johannes P Osterhoff

johannes p osterhoff
johannes p osterhoff is no media but interface artist. The middle initial stands for pixel.

Since the rounded buttons of Windows were replaced by cornered ones during the redesign in 1995, he keeps a wary eye on the more and more baroque graphical user interfaces of current operating systems. With his “Submit Button” (2003) he memorialized the web’s first user generation. For “Aqua” (2005 till 2007) he painted images that consisted exclusively of elements from the colorful Apple operating system. “Aero” (2007) encapsulated Windows Vista’s iconic overpopulation, the “Defence Project” (since 2008) Vista’s mania for security.

johannes p osterhoff’s projects were exhibited in Berlin, Moscow, New York and Stockholm. He lives in Berlin and lectures “GUI-based Art” at Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule and “Interface Design” at Merz Akademie in Stuttgart. Recently he is not so much into Interface Art anymore, because he is stuck on Desktop Island.

(Photo by artidesign, ??????? ???????)

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