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Decade of Security

Jedes Jahrzehnt hat seine Überschrift. Wenn die Siebziger sich unter dem Banner von „Love, Peace & Happiness“ versammeln und in den Achtzigern der Schlachtruf lautete: „Ich will Spaß“, so steht unter dem ablaufenden Jahrzeht „Security First“, Sicherheit hat Vorrang. Zitat aus dem Artikel „Zeit der Exzesse“, Spiegel Nr. 50, S. 155

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Google on Safes, Prisoners and Locks

When I installed Windows 7 and Snow Leopard lately, the progress bars must have been progressing too slowly. I was wondering what I was doing and I asked myself what the operating system actually was good for in times when one can do almost everything online (apart from running the computer, of course). According to [...]

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“7 Windows” @ Kunsthalle Dot Com

On Thursday, March 25th, I will show my new series “7 Windows” at Platoon Kunsthalle in Seoul, South Korea. It is my first work on the new operating system and also the first time that something in Korean has been written about my work: ????? ????? ???? P ?????? ????? ?? ???? ???? ???? ????? [...]

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Defensive Wedding Photos

This week, Mi Sun and I went to OST Studios in Incheon to do our obligatory wedding photos. Luckily our famous photographer had an open mind for Interface Art. The entwined medieval wall at the back was not planned but fits in perfectly. Piece of luck :) I very like how the studio lights reflect [...]

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iPhone Safer

Three years after its introduction the iPhone mostly is regarded as a save device. “dottie” and “alpine” have been changed and forgotten; and “ikee” only attacked iPhones that have been jailbroken. Besides those I did not notice anything obscure. Surprisingly on its user interface no references to security features can be found. No safe as [...]

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Korean PCs Swallow Pills

A very funny depiction of security I found in Korea. Firstly on the home computer of my in-laws, then on E’s computer during his presentation (and surprising performance) at Platoon in Seoul. “Al-Yac” from “Al-Tools” is the Korean equivalent to Avira in Germany: a free anti-virus program, updating itself and checking the system on regular [...]

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Wooden Shields

Recently I discovered these woden shields at a toy store in Berlin. They are not only a proof how infantile some symbols of security have become. Being so cute and so hyper-real, it is the toy stores where one can find the most fitting counterparts to icons in real space. Firewall icons very much resemble [...]

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Lufthansa Locks Up Miles

Lufthansa uses one of the glossiest and best retouched safes I discovered recently. The “Lufthansa Miles” you receive for your flights are safe behind this digitally cleaned door. Here the safe is not used to signify secure flights and aircrafts but “miles” that do not expire. “Miles” being somehow intangible data, I guess it is [...]

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Blue Lit Bank Vault

The current front page of Chip magazine promises save places for everyone’s data. As my current fascination for depictions of safety show, the rendered safe the designer place beside the caption is an fascinating commonplace cause for distrust. Eventually it was the blue light that made me even more curious. Will my data not only [...]

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Firefox and Vatican Team Up

On the lookout to distinguish themselves from the sometimes lame symbols of safety big proprietary software makers are using, Mozilla Foundation often finds unconventional and humorous ways. As my former professor Olia Lialina points out in her collection of “Car Metaphors” and related computer analogies, the new key symbol from the Security page of Firefox [...]

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