Korean PCs Swallow Pills

A very funny depiction of security I found in Korea. Firstly on the home computer of my in-laws, then on E’s computer during his presentation (and surprising performance) at Platoon in Seoul.

“Al-Yac” from “Al-Tools” is the Korean equivalent to Avira in Germany: a free anti-virus program, updating itself and checking the system on regular basis and, not least, making one feel safe with a nice icon in the systray.

Al-Yac is funnier than the German counterpart, of course. When you open the program you see a personalized egg. This very cute and friendly egg was the icon of a very popular local compression format some years ago. Because this format could not maintain its ground against WinZip and open formats, the software makers had to come up with another business concept. Now Al-Yac serves as security center on most Korean PCs. This is why the illustrated egg now is holding a huge medical pill in its hands. This pill is very rich in detail and with the magnifying glass on the right, one understands that the big pill actually is a container for smaller (yellow, orange and green) pills. Very complex, indeed. These are not only simple vitamines, this looks like serious stuff :)

In Korea computers have to regularly swallow pills to keep them from catching a virus (or to relieve chronic afflictions), while in Germany (at least Avira) expectably plays it safe and offers an iconic umbrella as a precaution for wandering PCs.

You can download the program at Naver (it intergartes well with Windows 7 security center) and get a bigger version on Al-Yag’ website. When you do, also have a look at the cool ambulance car!!

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