iPhone Safer

Three years after its introduction the iPhone mostly is regarded as a save device. “dottie” and “alpine” have been changed and forgotten; and “ikee” only attacked iPhones that have been jailbroken. Besides those I did not notice anything obscure. Surprisingly on its user interface no references to security features can be found. No safe as for FileVault in OS X, no walls nor castles as on Windows and only a tiny lock for HTTPS connections that can be easily overlooked. (Only the icon for settings underlines the devices’ solidity.)

I guess this is why I never felt save using my iPhone.

I decided to do an icon like one Apple will have to do after some more reports about bugs or worms come up. As the iPhone icons for YouTube and the watch the rounded outline of the icon shape the depicted carrier of meaning—a rounded down safe with a exaggeratingly big turning knob on it and a reflecting surface. And I think it is not too farfetched to call it File Vaults little brother.

To get it on your home screen, simply bookmark this blog and to use it yourself for other purposes, feel free to download it. More icons to come.

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