Security Most Essential

Windows Firewall Icon
At first they erected the Firewalls. Their bricks were so perfectly rounded and their surface was so perfectly repetitive that one never could be sure if those walls really were constructed of 14 brick stones or if they were prefabricated in one piece. Each of the Firewalls came with a vibrant globe attached to its back. This globe was made of the glossiest material one could imagine. It showed the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean and was never turning elsewhere.

And with the walls and the globes came the phenomena. The weird thing with the Firewalls was, that one never could see the opposite side of the wall. And incomprehensibly it was impossible to reach the globe.

Windoes Defender Icon

Then they built the Defender Walls. Again the surface looked so repetitive and the bricks were so perfectly shaped that it was not sure if those walls were made of 12 bricks (and three battlements on top) or if they again only were imitations. But with the battlements and the granite-like grayish color they looked very medieval.

And again it was not possible to see the other side of the walls.

For “Security Essentials” they are expanding the walls to small castles now. The castles are four shaped, very compact and have battlements on the top. Compared to the former walls the stones are much more even. On each side of the castle on the very bottom there is a small window with a rounded top. The windows are equipped with shiny safety glass. A blue banner is waving in the wind.

Security Essentials
And again, there is another strange phenomenon. The castles do not have any entrance. This time we cannot enter at all.

(Above you can see a screenshot from dated November 20th. Other imagery regarding “Security Essentials” can be found in the image collection.)

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