Norton’s Fading

On “Idioms—Suggestions on how to talk in the 21st century” Dragan Espenschied names the software “Norton AntiVirus” among other striking examples to have added computer analogies to our contemporary language today. The problem with the software of Peter Norton was and is that you cannot be protected by Norton AntiVirus and work at normal speed simultaneously. If you say “It is a Norton thing”, you express this ambivalence and the two-sidedness of an issue in general.

Dragan: “Norton, once the synonym for really enhancing the computing experience, became the icon of the schizophrenic software business logic that once you really solve a problem you destroyed your own job.”

Norton AntiVirus Packs 2004, 2007 and 2008
As it seems, Mr. Norton’s icon is fading with every new update of his famous software. This is interesting, because in this process the cover design of Norton AntiVirus was changed regularly and the method to depict security was under constant development.

In 2009 the depiction of safety is entirely achieved by typography: the package shows a graphic grid filtering the good from the evil. Chats, Documents and Photos are written in (good) white type and may pass; the words Virus, Rootkit and Spyware are written in (bad) black and are blocked.

In 2008 there were shown happy users, holding their well protected laptops in their hands. Smiling and proud. This is an alteration of the 2007 motif, where only hands stroking the same laptops were shown on the package. In 2004 there is a stethoscope, Doc Nortons former implement and as it seems his legacy.

The latest official depiction of Mr. Norton on the software already dates back to the year 2000. Photographed in medium shot he stands on the pack, smiling professionally and leaning his arm on a well-protected computer. Back then he was competence in person—his posing iconic and the deduced (desktop) icon timeless.

Norton's Fading
As it seems, only “It is a Norton thing” is going to remain.

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