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Norton’s Fading

On “Idioms—Suggestions on how to talk in the 21st century” Dragan Espenschied names the software “Norton AntiVirus” among other striking examples to have added computer analogies to our contemporary language today. The problem with the software of Peter Norton was and is that you cannot be protected by Norton AntiVirus and work at normal speed [...]

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Tower by Everaldo Coelho

At Iconfinder I found a nice tower icon by Everaldo Coelho. A real cutie. The tower icon is a masterpiece in simplification and exaggeration of forms at the same time. I will use its universality as browser and iPhone icon for the blog of the Defence Project. P.S. Thanks Everaldo for making it available with [...]

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Stronghold for Safety

In the same stack of printed materials, I discovered a German advertising leaflet for Windows Vista. It is entitled with „Klarheit. Erleben.“ (“Clarity. Experince.”) It promotes the then new “Aero” interface, the “Flip 3D” window switch and “Windows Defender”. According to this leaflet, with “Windows Defender”, Vista is a stronghold for more safety („Ein Bollwerk [...]

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Defence in Context

On the lookout for depictions of safety, I discovered a German advertising “magazine” from 2007. It reads as if it was written by Microsoft himself to promote Windows Vista. It is called “Vista Komplett” and for me it was already worth buying, only because of the beautiful glossy double pages of Vista’s wallpapers—but I also [...]

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An Inflatable Castle is Always a Good Start

Introduction to the Defense Project by means of an ad from Deutsche Telekom.

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